Ryan Williams is an Australian recorder player, improviser and interdisciplinary-performance maker.

Ryan Williams . . . he’s described as the Jimi Hendrix of the recorder
Brian Wise, Off The Record, Three Triple R 102.7FM

“Ryan’s music is like magic techno audience member, Fleecey in the yard

Williams and duo partner Matthew Horsley …demonstrating the gold that can often result from unexpected collaborations.  ++++½          Megan Steller, The Age

contact: ryanwilliamsrecorders@live.com




UNKNOWN MIRRORS – https://unknownmirrors.bandcamp.com/releases


HORSLEY & WILLIAMS DUO – http://horsleywilliamsduo.wordpress.com/


ROGUE THREE – https://roguethreetrio.bandcamp.com/



THE RECORDER CO-OP & MELBOURNE RECORDER ACADEMY – https://www.melbournerecorderacademy.org/


GEORGE STREET – http://www.georgestreetmusic.com/


duo windborne


OKADA YASUTAKA collaboration


KAMOGAWA FUKUJIN TAIKO – https://www.facebook.com/fukujin459/


SALTBUSH ENSEMBLE – http://saltbushensemble.com/

JOSHUA LYNZAAT DUO – https://rawcus.org.au/people/joshua-lynzaat/

AMY PRCEVICH DUO – sit with the creek, and the creek will speak (2020)

ELISION ENSEMBLE – http://www.elision.org.au/


ANJA & ZLATNA – http://anjaizlatna.com/


FOREST COLLECTIVE – http://www.forestcollective.com.au/


SNUFF PUPPETS – https://snuffpuppets.com/


BROKEN LANDSCAPE (Orpheus Music composition commission 2019)





Ryan Williams is an Australian recorder player, improviser and interdisciplinary-performance maker. His creative practice on the recorder focuses on composing and improvising new music, and creating performances by collaborating with performers and composers. Ryan’s recorder playing is not bound to any particular genre, and he is inspired musically by collaborating with musicians from many different styles and traditions. He is regularly involved in improvisatory & exploratory music, folk music & traditional music from Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Ireland and the UK, western classical art-music & jazz, and contemporary popular music. His focus on experimental and transdisciplinary-performance has led to distinct creative projects that balance collaboration between artists from different disciplines, in a skill-sharing environment, to create outcomes in which artists develop a shared performance practice.

Ryan is currently a PhD candidate, where he is developing works that focus on the recorder in interdisciplinary-performance. He co-directs a multitude of ensembles and through these projects has released over ten albums that cross numerous musical genres. He is the recipient of several awards and grants, has performed with leading musical ensembles around Australia including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, ELISION Ensemble & Snuff Puppets, and teaches at the New Music Studio, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. He has a strong connection to Japan through yearly artistic collaborations with communities and musicians, and he continues to develop many cultural links between Australia and Japan through artistic curation.

As a recorder player, Ryan has not often had access to conventional artistic pathways. This position as an outsider has allowed him to develop unique projects, and create new avenues for artistic exploration. He is committed to creating artistic opportunities for outsiders in his field, and continues to achieve this through artistic commissions, curation, and collaborative projects.


2020 [Lone Black Dog] George Street
2020 [Extinct Drones] Horsley & Williams Duo – Forthcoming
2019 [Your Ten Is My Twelve] Unknown Mirrors
2019 [Eucalypt Apocalypse] Rogue Three
2018 [No Meat On Bumblebees] Rogue Three
2016 [Winter Winds] George Street
2015 [Hytte] George Street
2014 [Wanderings] debut solo album
2013 [Long Distance EP] Flightless Bird
2013 [Everybody] Snuff Puppets – Unreleased
2013 [Allestree] Tierra
2011 [Dinner On Wednesday) – Discontinued
2008 [Red Sonya] The Nightshades – Discontinued


**********************************PAST PROJECTS*****************************************

SNUFF PUPPETS – EVERYBODY – https://snuffpuppets.com/


ANY KIND OF CREATURE (interdisciplinary performance collective)


THE BRONTOSAURUS EFFECT (musical-theatre quartet)


XN (exploratory music duo) – https://xnnewmusic.wordpress.com/


ELECTRIC SQUIRREL (2 recorder players & lo-fi electronics duo) – https://electricsquirrel.wixsite.com/music


TIDAL GROVE (instrumental folk quartet)


TIERRA (jazz quartet) – https://austierra.bandcamp.com/


PLIGHT OF THE PEACOCK (composer-run, exploratory art-music quartet)


DINNER ON WEDNESDAY (instrumental folk quartet) – https://soundcloud.com/dinner-on-wednesday


FLIGHTLESS BIRD (guest artist) – https://flightlessbird.bandcamp.com/


OPENING ACT (musical-theatre trio)