George Street

George Street

George Street is an eclectic and unique folk/indie-rock group that have been playing together for over nine years.

The core of the band is centred around Ryan Williams and the mystical melodies of his many recorders and Greg Cacavas with his rhythmical and percussive style of guitar, ukulele, banjo, baglama and vocals. Greg and Ryan are both professionally trained musicians with years of performance experience.

The core group has been known to experiment with as many as five other band members at a time including further instruments such as: cello, didgeridoo, trumpet, djembe, percussion, harmonica and keyboard. The size and appearance of the band depends largely on the occasion.

George Street combines wit, humour, anecdotes and extremely catchy melodies in their raw and very Australian style of song writing. To imagine their unique sound picture a collaboration between The Dirty Three, Paul Kelly, Darron Hanlon and Xavier Rudd.

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