The Parlour Band

The Parlour Band

Ryan Williams (recorders) and William Hoffmann (accordion) make up The Parlour Band. An ensemble that performs music ranging from 17th century Irish reels to Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla’s 20th century tangos.

After returning to Australia from years of study and performances in Europe, Ryan discovered a lack of live music entertainment in Melbourne’s most unique establishments – it’s world class cafés, coffee shops and wineries.

The Parlour Band was born with a mission to uphold Melbourne’s reputation as the live music capital of Australia and to support the wonderful vibrancy that it’s café culture contributes to the city.

 This unique combination of instruments allow for rich invention, especially in their arrangements of popular melodies.

Trained in both classical and improvisatory music, Ryan and William will make any event come to life. They enjoy entertaining and captivating an audience of any size, however their versatility allows them to simply provide a beautiful ambience for your establishment.

The Parlour Band are ready for hire so please email an enquiry here.